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Healthy companies by healthy employees, With us, you will deliver and protect their employees through healthy workplaces, and preventive measures.

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With us, you can meet easily with the legal requirements relating to occupational health and safety.


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With us, you can meet easily with the legal requirements relating to occupational health and safety.

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Centre for occupational and environmental medicine e. V.

Health care touches our lives in a way that it will do only a few things. Health care is personal. Your health and that of your Loved ones is a very important part.

We work strategically in health care for employers and their employees in order to achieve the best physical and financial results. We achieve health navigation by staff clinics in the workplace and in buildings, tele-health solutions, such as injury and illness triage and security services, as well as health and safety

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Occupational medicine

It will be your duty, and let your employees healthy workplaces and preventive measures to benefit.

Transport medicine

We provide you with all the necessary investigations from a single source: A date = all the necessary investigations.

Travel medicine

To prepare for a carefree trip, it is important to have a clinic at your side, with years of experience in travel medicine

Work safety

We support the assessment of the Risk, perform inspections in your business, and work closely with your security officer.

Work psychology

The work and organizational psychology is concerned with the Experience and behaviour of people at work and in organizations (Enterprises)

Preventive medicine

While curative medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the preventive medicine with the preservation and enhancement of the physical and mental health.

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We know how important health and safety in the workplace. Therefore, we strive to help companies to use their human resources and to ensure the health of their employees. By our renowned Physicians


We are proud to be a trusted Partner of many large and small companies. Our Mission is to help you, health goals to reach your employees and improve the overall performance of your company.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you with healthy employees enjoy a safe and healthy work environment, to achieve more success.