Work psychology

Psychological stress in the workplace to take more and more. The digitization and the rapid changes in the work world for workers and employers more and more often to Stress, Overwork, exhaustion, and mental health problems. In order to strengthen the health and performance of your company, we can offer operation of psychological analyses and discussions.

Our experienced business psychologists risk assessments of psychological stress due to lead, examine the causes of Conflict and improve communication processes, as well as working conditions and team relationships. We accompany Change processes and support executives on issues of current interest. In addition, we encourage employees to the self-responsible use of the resources. Our goal is to establish a motivating and economical company culture in a sustainable way in your company.

You can trust our many years of nationwide Expertise as a SUBSCRIPTION psychologists in different industries and company sizes. Our Services are individually tailored to your requirements, so that each employee can actively contribute to the economic success of your company.

1 - analysis of psychological stress:

Increased qualification requirements, changing job profiles and the growing interconnectedness place high demands on employees. Healthy and motivated employees are crucial to the success of the company. Therefore, we offer an analysis of psychological stress in the workplace to ensure the health and safety and to derive appropriate measures.

Our experienced business psychologists assist you with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the analysis. Together we can optimise the jobs and improve the well-being of your employees. Our standardized procedures, the requirements of the labour protection act to meet.

The analysis includes the integration of internal and external instances, as well as the determination of the loads by means of various methods such as surveys and questionnaires. The results will be professionally assessed and documented, then appropriate measures can be derived and implemented, for example, Coaching or ergonomic advice.

We recommend a re-examination of the charges after two years in order to meet the statutory Documentation requirements (section 5, Para. 3, No. 6 ArbSchG). Contact us to learn more about our services for the detection of mental stress. Optimize the health and performance of your company.

2 - Workplace Health Management :

Establishment and implementation of an effective Occupational health management (Ohm). Our experts will support you from the analysis to the practical implementation of tailor-made BGM-measures. You increase productivity, satisfaction and health of their employees and stay competitive.


Benefit from our years of experience and comprehensive expertise. We can advise you and accompany you on your way to a healthy company.


Interested in occupational health management for your company? You can contact us and request more information!

Our sustainable Workplace health management:


You can optimize your operational structures for the health of your employees

You can increase productivity and satisfaction

You can reduce Sick days and downtime

Improve operational processes and climate for higher quality and customer satisfaction

Step by step to the healthy company:


Holistic and strategic approach with custom-made BGM-measures

Expertise in occupational medicine, occupational safety, occupational psychology, Occupational health support, and more

Analysis, development, implementation, and assessment of their corporate health management

You establish with us a successful, sustainable Corporate health management. You can trust our experience and expertise. Call today for your custom quote!

3-Operation Of Psychological Counselling:

Operation of psychological counseling for an improved working environment

You are stuck in company restructuring processes? Stress, Stress and conflict in your organization are piling up? Our psychological counselling offers you and your employees fast and individual help. Whether directly on site or at our premises we will handle your concerns in a confidential and effective.

Our experts have many years of experience and are the ideal Partner to help analyze the state of your company and to give concrete recommendations for action. Together, we implement solutions that are tailored specifically to your company.

Our psychological counselling is the perfect complement to the medical consultation and support your employees to use their individual resources.

Our range of services includes Stress management and time management, Burnout prevention, Work-Life Balance, conflict resolution, Team, and processes of change as well as General leadership topics.


The consultation is for managers and employees easily accessible and is subject to strict confidentiality in accordance with section 203 of the criminal code.


Whether it's high absenteeism, reduction in personnel or operating the climate is changing – our psychological advice.


You can trust our many years of experience in labor and industrial psychology and contact us today to learn more about our in psychological counseling. You invest in your Stress and time management for a more successful future!

4-risk assessment of Psychological distress (GBU Psyche):

Protect your employees against psychological stress in the workplace!

Our psychologists will assist you in the creation of the GBU Psyche for your company. Through specific methods and measures, we improve the job situation, increase employee satisfaction and retain your Team stronger to the company. You meet your legal obligations under the occupational health and safety act.


Our Services at a Glance:


Risk assessment of psychological stress

Involvement of the workforce for a high level of acceptance and employee retention

Measures to increase well-being, health and performance

Legal process guidance

We use Interviews, Questionnaires, and other instruments for detection of psychological stress. Our experienced business psychologists with extensive Know-how.


Make an appointment now and improve the employment situation of their employees for the long term!

5 External Conflict Management:

External conflict management, for a harmonious work environment

Conflicts in the workplace can cause time and cost. Our external conflict management helps you to identify potential conflicts at an early stage and to resolve disputes. With preventive training, we promote a constructive conflict culture and prevent escalations.


Our experienced business psychologists accompany you in three stages:


Conflict prevention: the development of a constructive criticism and conflict culture.

Moderation: machining of low-threshold conflicts.

Mediation: External assistance in highly escalated conflicts.

Through our support, your employees will learn valuable social skills, and successful conflict management strategies. This increases the satisfaction, health and productivity of their workforce, and encourages the identification with your company.


Our experts have many years of experience and are committed to your individual requirements.


Improve the working environment and make an appointment now for our external conflict management! Contact our experts for more information.